Beauty Week – Eyebrows

Ok so this is a short post I need plenty of time to try all my new goodies from my most recent birch box and I can tell you all about it this weekend. Basically I hate  eyebrows, is it just me or can you never seem to get them perfect! the problem for me is one eyebrow grows slightly thicker than the other so getting them right is very hard, I have them waxed and tinted regularly and use my favourite eyebrow kit every day to make them a little more precise. but even then they don’t seem right, The more I try to correct them the worse it looks so in the end I just end up starting again and then leaving them as they are after my first go, unless of course I botch them to start off with.

My favourite eyebrow Kit is the ARTDeco Eyebrow palette, you get a little case with mirror and brush and some clear eyebrow gel to keep them in place once you’ve finished. in this little case is a magnetic strip and you can pick the right shades and put them in the case (they even do refills so you don’t have to buy it again!), In my case I have a medium brown eyebrow powder and a light highlighter, to be honest I don’t often use the highlighter in the kit just because I prefer the highlighter on my contour palette but otherwise its a great little addition to my make up back I would leave the house without it.


One thought on “Beauty Week – Eyebrows

  1. I dont usually do my eyebrows because mine are very full and even. Yesterday I did them just to give a little more color and my bf just hated it. He said ‘i cant stop looking at ur eyebrows, its messing me up’ guess I’ll never do them again.


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