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Beauty Week – Lush Astronomical Box

So this week I said I was taking a trip to Manchester to shop and I Definitely did that! I bought many a treat that I cant wait to tell you about, including a Lush Gift box – Astronomical – It had 4 items in the box Including:

Bath Bomb
Blast off into funky

E.T. make foam

Shower Cream
Snug berry hug
the experimenter

Bath Bomb
Original motion pictures
Tbh I haven’t Used most of it yet but it smells amazing!!! The Comforter Shower Cream smells beautiful and my skin felt amazing once I was dry and the perfume smell stuck and I continued to smell nice for the rest of the day.
I have used the Intergelactic bath bomb bore too and it was brilliant, once it had finised fizzing the water was dark night sky blue and there were tiny flecks of glitter in the water making it look like a galxey, I was utterly impressed, it almost looked 3D.
I haven’t Actually tried the monsters and Aliens Fun Yet but it looks like a whole lot of fun indeed, although to be frank I’m not 100% on what it actually is should have looked it up, but still I guess ill find out and have fun while I’m using it.
The price wasn’t bad either, £23.49 I paid and it was well worth it I will definitely be buying the Family presents from Lush this Christmas which happens to be coming back round again way to quickly!
Overall I am more than impressed with this gift set and cant wait to use the other two products in the box too! Lush you have made me happy yet again!

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