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Beauty Week – Lipstick – Matte vs Sheen

Ok so I love matte lipstick I have lots of them they are my favourite, I use matte lipsticks everyday and only on occasion do I pop out the normal shiny lipsticks and I never use gloss but that’s just me. I’ve taken the time to pull out a few of my favourites from my collection and tell you about them.

MAC Matte D for Danger

I LOVE this lipstick It’s my absolute fave!!! I wear it more or less everyday I just change it occasionally if I’m wearing something a little less bold. This lipstick is top quality a great finish with amazing staying power it actually last all day while I’m at work (unless I accidentally wipe it off) overall 10/10

MAC Matte Amourous

Just like the one above this is on of my go to lipsticks it’s one of my newest shades so I haven’t wore it a lot yet but being the same as above just a different shade I imagine it’ll be just as good

Tom Ford Beau

I love this lipstick, I’ll be it not as much as the top too it’s a little plain but ideal for that subtle lip finish it has a lovely creamy texture and tbh probs not my fave (it costs £10 more than the MAC too!) it’s staying power isn’t that amazing either tbh I tend to find matte lipsticks last longer and don’t rub off as easy which is peoberbly why i like them so much.

So if it wasn’t obvious I love matte lipsticks I have a few others on my collection so hopefully I’ll review these soon I may even post my first video 🙂


7 thoughts on “Beauty Week – Lipstick – Matte vs Sheen

  1. I love the MAC Matte D for Danger! I don’t know why I’ve never seen that shade before but I love it! Love your blog as well by the way xx


      1. Oh no problem, your blog is really good, I always find your reviews are able to compel me to buy things 😉


      2. They’re fun to write and good to read but I do feel my purse getting a little lighter each time I read one haha


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