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Arthur Needs Your Help!!


Hi Guys, I don’t usually do this but this is a story close to my heart (as seen in my previous post I have a Rottweiler myself and they are the loveliest dogs), Arthur The Rottweiler was handed in at my local dog shelter he has been passed from home to home in his short two years of life and has never had chance to settle in a forever home, He has an amazing temperament and is dog friendly so would make an amazing family pet. He has severe arthritis in one of his legs and is in need of more surgery to get him right before he can be rehomed and of course the shelter needs your donations! I ask all of my readers to think of poor Arthur and donate to help him out! Pretty please he needs it!

If you would like to donate click this link to make a donation straight to the shelter and hope that Arthur has a speedy recovery! It will also help with all the other dogs in need of a loving home too, a great cause local animal shelters need all the help they can get!


Here is the original post from the shelters Facebook page.

“Meet Arthur – he was handed in as a stray on the 22/7/16 – with a little investigation we found out the man who handed him in was in fact his recent owner – Arthur has had 3 owners in his short 2 year life and two gave him away to make way for a new baby –
But Arthur has more pressing issues – due to bad breeding Arthur has mild HD – both cruciate ligaments have gone in his back legs and he now has arthritis in one knee – Arthur needs surgery on both back legs – Arthur is just one of many animals being abandoned with health issues, our vets bill for July alone was £4000 – and we are going to need another £2000 or so for Arthur”




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