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Beauty Week – Manchester 

So today I have my monthly shopping spree trip to Manchester I’m on a hunt for some new amazing beauty products and I cant wait to bring them home and try them. My decision is already made on my new MAC Lipstick, I’m in love with the matte selection they have and am making A b-line for their destiny shade the purple/ red shade is my favourite anyway I have a Rimmel matte crayon in a similar shade and have wanted the MAC equivalent since. I may even make a trip to lush for some bathtime treats too!

My favourite place for make up in Manchester is definitely Selfridges which I don’t have in my home town so have to take a trip to Manchester to buy any high end cosmetics because people in my home town just don’t seem to have good enough taste in cosmetics to warrant a bringing them here. While in Manchester I may even reluctantly at best try out the new MAC Lucky Trolls collection although I’m not usually into my bright extroverted colour palettes and it all seems a bit out there for me, but hey! that’s just me. Although I am loving the new Bratz style Filter on snap chat so It may be a welcome change! hehe!

So once I get home ill have plenty of new amazing loot to review and tell you all about!!! 20160809_084816000_iOS



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