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Beauty Week – Birchbox Review

So this week I received my first Birchbox, and I loved it! A monthly surprise beauty box with a selection of samples and every now and again you get a full size product, In this months box I got 5 items 3 of which were full size and because it was my first box I got a free box from earlier in the year (April’s box). Over all the boxes were great some awesome products, the ones I’ve tried anyway.

The great thing about Birchbox is It’s only £10 Per month and Is renewed on a monthly basis so you don’t have to remember it just turns up at your door every month and you get to test out loads of new products every month that you probably would just go out and buy, most of which work absolute wonders. Once you’ve tried the products you can even earn points for reviewing the items after you’ve used them which once you’ve reached 100 points you get £10 to spend in the shop and spend on the full size items you like from your boxes.

1. LOC x Millie Ultra Gloss “Bohemian Rose”

The full size LOC lip pencil in this months box was really nice, it had a great texture and was really creamy, it wasn’t very long lasting and not really my colour but I was still happy with this item and will probably use it at some point I just prefer Dark more seductive shades, this was a little too girly for me.

2. John Frieda Frizz Ease “Smooth Anti Frizz Primer”


So I haven’t tried this yet I keep forgetting to use it after my shower whilst my hair is still wet I’m hoping that it lives up to my expectations, I have quite dry damaged ends due to a history of bleaching my hair, I’ve now grown it all out so Its my natural hair colour but the ends are still my old hair, Just a few more trims and it’ll be all healthy natural hair, therefore when styling and straightening my hair the ends get very frizzy and whispy. I am seriously hoping this helps.

3. Nails Inc.


I also haven’t tried this yet, Tbh it’s not really my colour and I’ll probably never try it, I just don’t do pink.

4. Spectrum Collections Brush


I didn’t like this brush I wasn’t overly impressed with the quality, The handle felt cheap and the brush was all mis-shaped when it arrived due to being poorly packaged in cheap plastic. The brush was very fine and soft almost too soft and not enough density to it therefore doesn’t really work as well as a better quality brush.

5. Siskyn Skin Care Oils “Lemon & Seabuckthorn” Brightening Night Oil


I used this oil before bed every night before bed since I got this and I am definitely going to purchase the full size one once the sample has ran out RRP £38 but seriously amazing! My Skin felt smooth hydrated and alive in the morning and am really happy with how it works, It is very oily but once you’ve washed your face after waking up it feels incredible. Over all the best product in the box and definitely the most unexpected. I never really use products like this I only really Cleanse tone and moisturise and that’s it, I don’t normally use any additional products but this is definitely being added to my daily routine.


If you want to subscribe after reading this click the link below to receive £5 of Birchbox points to spend in their shop.


6 thoughts on “Beauty Week – Birchbox Review

  1. Awesome review—loving your honesty. I’ve never tried Birchbox, so thank you for the explanation of it.


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