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I Love Where I Live

As Much as I say I want to move abroad and emigrate, I do but it’s definitely not because I hate the british country side, where I live is great it’s a big enough town so there’s lots to do and places to shop but its jus close enough to the country side to have amazing views. You turn right out of my street and you’re in the rolling country side, you turn left and your in a bustling town centre, it’s ideally ideal. Incase you haven’t read my last post I have two beautiful dogs and my geographical position is perfect, great for taking them on long walks around the country side, and theres not only one place to walk so you get board of where you go, theres always new places to see.


Today we went to a field near a golf course and we had a great day out, it was beautiful and open and the dogs loved it, I found out that my Doberman loves the long grass and he spent the day weaving through it and sniffing around just being a dog fulfilling his natural instincts. I don’t know about you but being a massive dog lover I love to just stand and watch my dogs being natural and having fun, it makes me happy seeing them happy. The best part of living where we do is deciding where we are going to go and take them before we leave, there is so much choice, unfortunately there’s one factor we have to keep in mind, where will there be fewer people and dogs at that particular time. Being a responsible dog owner I always keep in mind other people and having the type of dogs I have (read my last post) I have to bear in mind how other people are going to feel about us being around, its a shame really, it’s not that my dogs can’t be around people or dogs it’s how they react at our presence, them being there natural normal selves can still seem as aggressive to other people just because of how they look, it annoys me really but that’s how people think nowadays and I have to be respectful of that I guess to avoid difficult situations involving strangers and their dogs.

Next time no doubt we’ll go somewhere just as beautiful and just down the road, look out for my next dog post no doubt it wont be long.


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