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Review From The Girlfriends Perspective: XCOM: Enemy Unknown

So I don’t like this game, its seem rather frustrating from what I can tell, you see my other half has recently started playing this game and his interactions with me while playing have significantly decreased. I never have a problem with him playing his Xbox while I watch programs he doesn’t like, I’m even that cool that I let him have his own tiny TV at the side of my Big TV so he can play his games whenever he wants and it doesn’t interfere with my TV time. We communicate regularly while he’s playing, he listens to what I have to say and even sometimes puts his view in on what ever I’m watching because he’s secretly, been watching it and enjoying it in his peripheral vision. I works for us. Obviously we don’t do this all the time we watch TV and play games together sometimes and its all good, but this new game XCOM: Enemy Unknown is getting beyond a joke, he loves it so much I have to repeat myself 3-4 times before I get a response, everything I ask the reply is ‘give me a min’ then 20 mins later I have to ask again, yesterday I said id get him a note pad for when I want something so he’ll remember in five minutes time. I don’t like the idea that once your characters in your team die they stay dead, yesterday he lost one of the characters he’d had since the start of playing and he was devastated, I wasn’t though because then he gave up and stopped playing haha. Who else has these issues with games, I’m fortunate really that he’s still pretty switched on while playing any other game, but this one takes the biscuit.

Note to all the gaming widows out there, Do NOT let him buy XCOM: Enemy Unknown you will never get him back, I wouldn’t mind we’re supposed to be organising a wedding at the moment and this isn’t helping!

P.s. I love him really … 😛



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