Zombie Survival Week: The Ultimate Survivors

What makes the ultimate zombie survivors? A question answered in a number of movies and TV series but the recipes are all very different, I know all you zombie fanatics out there will be saying ‘It depends on the virus’ or ‘what if they’re sprinters not just walkers’ well lets just say you woke up in the room next to Rick in season one of the walking dead and they are just bog standard, brain eating, rotting, walking dead. In my opinion they are:

  • Mental Strength.
  • A Plan.
  • A Steady amount of supplies to begin with.
  • Good Sense of people
  • A Trust worthy team
  • Sufficient Equipment (Survival Kit)

Day One Of The Zombie Apocalypse: Everyone will panic, people will try and leave town, have you ever noticed in Zombie movies that the highways and main roads are always jammed up with cars? I imagine that’s where most people die they get caught up in large groups and end up in a position that’s hard to get away from if it all goes wrong, in my opinion your better off waiting it out, hide yourself away somewhere bunker your self down and wait for the panic to blow over.

A Few Days Later: Once your confident the panic has stopped the majority of people are gone and there are few large groups of survivors left, its time to re stock supplies and find a more permanent strong hold. I think the best place for this would be a boat or Yacht, its ideal your can live on it and keep your supplies safe and also travel along the coast from town to town once you have salvaged all the supplies possible, there’s no chance of being over run by walkers and little chance of rogue groups finding you to take all your supplies. There’s always someone out there with bad intentions.

The Rest Of the Apocalypse: You’re set you’ve got your transport, your home and stock space all in one space off the coast safe from zombies and other humans, time to chill and not worry, but don’t chill too much there still may be danger near by waiting to come for you.

Note: It may not play out this way, and may not go in your favour just be prepared for anything and JSS.Zombie Survival Week.





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