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Zombie Survival Week: Have You Had ‘The Talk’

So we all have the conversation every now and again, what would we do if there was a zombie apocalypse, and we all make up some extravagant plan as to what we would do if one day it happened, but have you had the ‘if i got bit what would you do’ conversation. So surely many of us have had the conversation, and it’s a hard one there’s a few options to decided from and dependant upon your opinion on becoming a member of the brain eating dead would depend on which direction your discussion would go. There’s the easy way out agree on death upon being bit or wait it out until just before you turn. I cannot comprehend the emotional turmoil or a soon to be zombie and for their loved ones, trying to decide just how you would determine your inevitable fate, but surely having a discussion and decision made before the event would make it easier, how can you make that decision while in such an emotional state. So there you go have ‘the talk’ before the zombie apocalypse be prepared people!

So here are your choices (feel free to add your own in the comments if I’ve missed any):

  1. Suicide – there’s a few options here if this is decided then you could do this at any point you felt comfortable, either straight away before thinking to far into your situation or you could wait it but then there’s a risk of emotions getting in the way and it being left far to late so you either turn or get to weak to do it. Plus there’s a number of ways to do it
  2. Turn – I’m going be truthful it would be cool to see from the perspective of a flesh-eating zombie but it must be gross and couldn’t be a pleasant experience this options not for everyone, maybe if you have a strong stomach but maybe not.
  3. Ask someone else to shoot you – this one could be done at any point you deemed your self ready to go, but I would feel guilt of asking someone I knew and loved to have to be put through the stress of having to look me in the eye while they shot me in the head, what if they decided last-minute that they couldn’t do it and your plan is foiled, to me it’s leaving too much in out of your control.
  4. There’s the rampage – this is when you go on a one man mission to take it as many zombies as possible to ensure your friends safety, basically a suicide mission but to the benefit of everyone else, you get bit, and you and your friends are trapped, so you use yourself as bait to lure them away so your friends get to safety, die a hero! Personally I would go for this one.
  5. Give up – only emotionally unstable people who don’t have what it takes to survive the zombie apocalypse would do this, get bit and become emotional dynamite and put everyone else with you in danger by letting the idea of getting bit beak you, these people may as well just walk into a horde of zombies and wait for them to tear them apart.
  6. Another discussion point would be whether to go into isolation and die which ever way you decide away from everyone else or do it surrounded by friends the risk of that being so much emotion in one space could cloud the judgement of the entire group putting everyone at risk but you and one other would be a safer bet, whom ever your closest to the strongest mentally within the group.

Jeez it’s a strong subject.
Feel free discuss any other points in the comments is love to hear your theories.


Zombie Survival Week.


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