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Review: Astronauts Guide To Life On Earth By Chris Hadfield

So I read this book a short while ago and it was amazing, this blog should really be called ‘How a book can change your outlook on life’, it’s so inspiring, to the point it had me questioning how my life is going to turn out. The story begins when he was a child pretending to be an astronaut then as he grew up he realised the likely hood of him being Canadian and becoming an astronaut was slim, but it was never ruled out so he pushed to become a fighter pilot and be top of his class. The story he tells is insightful and he makes you realise if you want something bad enough, if you put in every bit of effort possible and try hard enough you will get it, and the impossible could become possible, when an advert is posted in the paper ‘Astronauts wanted for the CSA (Canadian Space Agency)’. He spends the entire book pushing to reach his goal, even with set backs he pushes hard enough and makes it he gets to go to space. The whole book has taught me that if you try hard enough you can achieve anything, nothing is impossible, and a positive outlook on life is key to any success negativity never gets you anywhere. Descriptions of characters and places is very detailed, just enough so you can imagine all of the places he visits almost as if you can picture the whole book in your head as if it were a movie. This is an excellent read and I would recommend it to anyone.

Chris Hadfield is a truly inspirational human being still to this day hosting seminars about his time on the international space station and giving motivational speeches. I mean I liked space before the idea is amazing, even if you don’t have any interest in space and just want to be inspired I would still recommend reading this book and following Chris Hadfield’s Twitter page for regular motivation.

If I haven’t said it already – Inspired!!



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