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Living Life Anonymously Is Boring.

So today in the news it appears that Sia’s face was briefly revealed during a concert in Colorado, Yes this was a headline, therefore thwarting her attempt at anonymity, as she said on The Ellen DeGeneres show ‘so I can go to Target and buy a hose’, I under stand why people like Sia or Gorillas for example, would like to walk around and not be noticed, but living a double life is hard. When I original started to post on my blog the things I wrote were a little controversial and I didn’t want family to read it incase it may change any opinions they had of me, I soon discovered that this type of content was not strong enough to take off and I soon ran out of things to write about. Since then I have changed direction and so far it is going well and I am enjoying writing about my every day thoughts, then I thought why do I need to restrict my audience to people I don’t know anymore, I am only viewing my opinions, so here I am no longer anonymous and quite frankly I don’t really care, but what impact would there be if some one like Sia revealed their true face, For a start she’d make a shit ton of money, Which wont happen now we’ve all seen it not on her terms, and she’d then be followed every where it would matter what she wears when she goes out, she’d need a make up artist on stand by at all times and public etiquette would soon have to come into play. How Fun! Well maybe for a short while, I understand why people do it, Girl On The Net for instance (whose book is amazing btw, Read it!) she would be a walking target for gross pervy men that get off on her blog, but Sia she could walk past you in the street and you’d never know, you’d never get to compliment her music in passing, if it was me I’d be walking around and the voice in my head would be screaming ‘Appreciate me!!!!’ because yes I crave compliments.

Top Five Tips To Staying Anonymous Online.

  1. Don’t post in public, It’s to easy for someone to look over your shoulder.
  2. If you really want to stay anonymous don’t tell anyone, period, not your friend or family, you don’t know how long you’ll be able to trust them for, you could fall out, Game over!
  3. Post from a phone and pay cash for top ups.
  4. Don’t post any actual photos of your self, even your back or in areas people could recognise.
  5. Don’t be anonymous its boring, deceitful and exhausting.




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