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So this morning I have awoken to some certainty, Just how uncertain my future will be. I don’t understand how ‘Leave’ voters, did they not understand the consequences, I mean there is no going back now, but why? This morning all I’ve seen is promises made by the leave campaign over the last few weeks be taken back ‘Nigel Farage admits promising £350 million to the NHS if we leave the EU was a mistake’ or ‘investers move their money to safer pastures like gold as Sterling plummets to its lowest in 30 years’ How was this result ever going to be worth while, How on earth was this the right thing to do. It reminds me of my earlier post ‘i’m not 18 anymore’ – how did you vote? oh i don’t know i went to the pub, got pissed and woke up this morning to find out i’d voted out, what a twat i am! Such is life, we’re all just going to have to deal with it not, there’s nothing more we can do other than sit back and watch us fall back into another recession, but hey! that’s what the majority voters wanted so fair enough. Well that enough for me today, felt like ive got my point across, I’m going to spend the remainder of the day booking European holidays for the next ten years before the prices go up! Thank you guys for ruining my own personal plans for travelling withing the next few years, not to mention the lives of many Europeans that live and work here.

And Now… The priminister has resigned, Nice one guys! I mean i wasnt keen in the first place but way to make the country unstable!

Peace!!Im Not 18 Anymore :/


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