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Suck It To The Big Man!

So today I’m going to be crapping my self, my director is in to check up on me and my staff hoping we are doing well and keeping up to date on training. Well we are, but in my experience directors are all so negative, you can guarantee my shop will be pristine well stocked and staff well presented but there will be something, why is there always something? and it’s always something minimal and irrelevant, a repair without a date or some dust on the highest of ledges that none of us could reach even with a long duster. It’s ridiculous, its days like today that make me have the “lets pack up and leave” conversation that we never follow through with the “I hate my job and need to find a new one” but how many of us ever do? I’ve been in the same job for so long I am confident its a secure one, I always wonder that if I went for a new one that has better hours or money its not secure and I could be sacked in a week or even the company could shut down, which I don’t have to worry about where I am now. Theres even the risk that I could dislike the working environment in a new job just as much if not more than where I am now, you can’t win. What I want to know is how people change jobs after being somewhere for so long, have I made a mistake sticking with something for 10 years because its got excellent job security? Maybe I should take more risks, or should I? That’s the question. Theres always a what if. We are all to worried about minimal factors that were scared to move on, to what could possibly be a brighter happier future, of course there’s a risk but when is there not, maybe all this motivational writing may even convince me to follow through with one of my statements instead of being a hypocrite or maybe not, we’ll have to see. I tend to get bored with things really easy after spending a few days or weeks really getting into something to the point were I’ve done so much of it that I get bored. Hopefully writing wont follow the trend.


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