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Pregnant? No Just Fat.

Why do all women automatically presume they’re pregnant as soon as they feel remotely bloated or get a little nauseous, I’m sure its programmed into us to panic as soon as we show one of the many symptoms that could possibly mean we may be pregnant. It’s like a switch in your head, “my boobs feel heavier today… I must be Pregnant!” or even “I Feel sick this morning, I’m definitely pregnant!” it’s not that you have eaten something funny, no definitely not, your pregnant. Or even on the few days in run up to your period you have the last minute panic as to whether your period will come along because your showing all the symptoms of pregnancy, did it never occur that these symptoms arrive at the same time every month right before your period… Think about that one. Ha! I am well and truly mocking my self, every time I get a nauseous feeling or get a bit bloated my instant reaction is panic, then its the denial stage “no I cant be pregnant I’m, very careful… or am I?” that’s when the people you talk to start saying your pregnant every time you mention the particular symptom you are showing that day. Then starts the panic, the wondering… could I be pregnant, hmmmm. No I’m just ill don’t know what with but all evidence of any kind of pregnancy will have disappeared by the time I wake up in the morning, and it’ll be as if nothing ever happened, then a few days later the period comes after wasting a good tenner on a decent pregnancy test to tell you what deep down you already knew, then give it a few more weeks and ill be at it again!! you’d think I’d learn, it cant just be me surly. Hopefully I’m not just crazy and I’m the only girl that panics this much at the idea of being pregnant, don’t get me wrong one day I would love to have kids when the BF finally becomes the HB, and I am completely aware that if I wait for the right time I’ll be waiting forever, because there is never a right time, I’m just not ready yet, although I do panic a lot less nowadays compared to a few years ago.


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