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What is Summer? Effort!

Summer, dependant on where your from or where you live or even your background means something different, for some it means holidays, fun and BBQ’s, for me it means hot, sweaty and effort. You see in winter I have to put in as little effort as possible, I’d never wear a skirt in winter, it’s far  in the UK, so why should i shave my legs no ones going to see them until the sun comes out again, i also seem to shave my bikini region less during winter, it must bother BF, he says it doesn’t but it definitely does, but it doesn’t bother me! It also means ‘up ere in the norf‘ the unsightly view of extra cheap hair extensions, streaky fake tan and too much skin, shorts get shorter and kids break up from school. working in retail in summer is a complete nightmare, just because there’s no school, i work in a shop that attracts them, they’ll come in and hang around mess around with all the stock and video each other playing around it takes a lot of effort to follow them round and make sure they’re not breaking anything. There are many possotives though, you spend far more time with friends out and about drinking during the day and going on days out, rather than hibernating in front of the TV and games console like you would in winter. When your a working adult being a friend seems to become part time in the winter and switches to a full time effort in the summer, making sure all your friends are kept happy and included in all your activities.

So the message is, don’t come up north in the summer we’re all misserable!


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