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First Time Trying on a Wedding Dress

Well it was definitely eventful! First time ever in a bridal shop although strangely not the first time in a wedding dress. When I was younger I took part in a few Bridal show runways showing potential brides wedding make up hair and different types of dresses and bridesmaid dresses, It was great fun we even got our photo in the paper. The weirdest part was I did the shows with my best friend and at the time my BF now was her BF – its a long story- so my soon to be husband has already seen me in a wedding dress. Anyway back to current day, I was in town one day last week and my mum said lets go and try on some dresses so due to my excitement I failed to decline, it was the hottest day of the year so far and it was very humid and sweaty, as we walked in the shop there were dresses lined up on racks in bags, the lady said to us we could try on 4 dresses at a time and once we’d picked one we had to put it in a queue with our name tags attached. Well they were cheap Chinese dresses that were organised in size order and we were told to try on a size bigger than we would usually because the sizing was different to this country, cringe I know. Of course being on a diet I didn’t actually know what size I was so I went to look at some dresses, I really struggled to pick any I liked, you could tell they were cheap, after short while id narrowed it down to 3 and I took them into a changing room, now I was followed into the room by a young slim, very attractive girl, she was there to help me get into my dresses. You see this made me feel very uncomfortable I was sweaty, hadn’t shaved my legs or bikini area (it was spontaneous if id have known id have prepared) and I was wearing clashing under wear and odd socks! EMMBARRESSED! that was an understatement. After a short while I was over it and started to try on my first dress it was a fishtail style that was quite lacy, and my massive ass couldn’t even fit in the dress, so to my embarrassment I had to go and get a bigger size. It took the dresses back and went to get 3 more in a bigger size. I tried on a fish tail, a princes gown and an a line dress. My favourite was the fish tail, it was perfectly fitted for my body shape, hid all my sins and emphasized all the right bits, but of course in typical mother fashion she didn’t agree. So these cheap Chinese wedding stores are great if your on a budget, but I definitely wouldn’t be buying my dress from there no matter how much I usually love a bargain, I wouldn’t be making that call on my wedding dress.


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