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Weetabix are savoury theyre made from oats!

So, I’ve never mentioned before but I’m on a diet! Everyone says it but are they really, whether its see food and eat it or fad diets like juice cleanse or Atkins we’ve all been there, then Friday comes – if you make it that far – and you get a takeaway and then go out drinking and ruin it, on Saturday morning you feel guilty and think oh fuck it its a Saturday, you cant start a diet a weekend ill start again on Monday, several Mondays and about a stone later you’ve ruined it! That was me for a very long time, you see the thing with a diet if you want it bad enough you’ll stick with it, its all in your lifestyle, if your not willing to make sacrifices you’ll never stick with it. I woke up one morning and said to my self ” screw this I’m miserable I need to do something” you never realise the impact an unhealthy diet has on you until you’ve completely changed your lifestyle and trust me its not just a weight thing. I used to complain all the time that I was tired, and could never be bothered moving off my backside in an evening even just to make a brew, my skin used to be blotchy, my hair was weak and you guessed it I was fat. Now I find it easier to get up in the morning smile when ever I look in the mirror, enjoy going out and about for walks and day trips and I don’t think I’m fat anymore. WINNER! you know what though, you’ll all be thinking who even is she, its hard, ill never do it. Shut up! Literally all I did was, stop eating fried foods and takeaway, stopped drinking fizzy pop and access alcohol and started eating more vegetables and water if you can do that your more or less there, screw no carbs or baby food, a healthy balanced diet is the only way to go of you want to be happy, feel less like a slob and loose weight, you’ll not see a difference over night it takes time but you can do it!! I never thought I could but I feel miles better in myself now than I did, you just have to want it bad enough!



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