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So, I got engaged, Exciting? Definitely. Stressful? Oh yes! wedding planning is the single most stressful thing a girl can do, literally a month into me engagement I am already turning into bridezilla, what men don’t realise is when I’m putting planning into my wedding and I require his attention I need all of it. My scatter brain BF decided to tell me on the final deadline for our guest list so we can book the venue there were 20 more family members he’d some how forgotten off the guest list. Can you imagine my reaction?? well it wasn’t a warm one let me tell you. but anyway rant over, wedding planning is also fun to. We’ve been engaged just over a month now but I am over the moon about we have been together about 6 and a half years now and its been great, he is most definitely the love of my life and my best friend. Of course in normal new bride to be fashion I went crazy on the wedding planning, I bought magazines organised venue viewings and have already tried on dresses, you see if I hadn’t been in the relationship so long I would probably want a long engagement but its been a while and I’ve been waiting for him to ask me for the last 4 years! so already we have booked a venue and set a date, I have already decided on the colour palette and theme to boot, everyone thinks I’ve gone crazy! to be honest I kind of agree, but come on! your not telling me that all women react in a calm collected manner, once the question is popped the wedding is on. I have literally spent the last 5/ 6 weeks scrap booking all my ideas and itching to set a date, for the last week that’s been the most important thing, because I have decided most things and setting a date means I can start booking. I’m sure most women even go through a phase during planning loving the experience so much they even consider quitting everything they’ve worked for and deciding to start there own wedding planning business, I have most definitely considered it! So if you think you’re going over board in your wedding planning, that you might be going a little crazy fear not! every other bride is too! or at least most of them.


Please feel free to discuss your initial planning in the comments!


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