Im Not 18 Anymore :/

so last night me and BF decided it would be a good idea to go for a drink after work and maybe have something to eat. An old friend (EX) was in town and we met up, boy was that a mistake! Lets just say we had far to many for a school night when you wake up in a morning tasting last nights slightly garlicky vomit and reading through your emails to find you’ve ordered an iPhone 5s and some dog food then realising you’ve rinsed your bank account for a night out I would highly regret in the morning. All I can think is how on earth did that happen, what possessed me to think yeah that’s a good idea! What an absolute moron I am! (to be honest I should have known once the sniff came out). It all started out innocently having a few with old friends we sat chatting at the bar having a good old laugh then the shots started – I know its a school night I won’t do it again mother! – after a good few we decided to move on the local jam night, there was me, BF, EX and his new squeeze. me and EX ended badly but strangely have always remained good friends, EX is very musical like me I think that’s why we remained such good friends because we have so much in common, it just so happened that by this point in the night we were so drunk we had lost every ounce of musical talent we may have possessed and proceeded to fail at any attempt of jam night. After our mass embarrassment all four of us moved on to the smoking area for a cig and to recover privately from the humiliating moment me and EX forgot how to play guitar and sing in tune. A few more pints into the night and several cock flashes from BF the night started to turn… BF went off with EX and I was left to get to know his new girlfriend who just so happens to be quite delightful and after a short while EX returned with no BF he’d left him out side the pub on his own and when I went outside he was balling his eyes out! Apparently they’d had a lovey dovey chat about how much they love each other and how amazing they are as friends but instead of being the hard one and telling him to stop being silly and stop crying like a girl I proceeded to ball my eyes out too, later we both stumbled over to the take away for pizza after realising we hadn’t yet eaten today still sobbing like children and fell into the nearest cab. It was comical really we were like a slapstick duo trying to find our way home, we fell through the door and instantly stripped managed to eat our pizza and crawled up to bed to be honest everything after that is a total blur and I soon regretted the whole event while on the bus to work in the morning.

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