Rant · Sex


Ok so over the past few weeks I’ve failed miserably! I’ve neglected my blog and now feel awful! Life took over for a few weeks but now I’m back, think I just got lazy but I’m not about to let that happen again. You see I got down on what I was writing and wasn’t very happy with my direction. and just as a warning to everyone it may change a little, maybe even be a bit more explicit. You see I’ve grown sick of BF calling me a prude because I cringe at the idea of having to say certain words such as ‘Cunt’ and ‘Cock’. So there you go! I said it, now prepare yourselves for a bit of a change. To be honest in my posts I’m getting a little older and that’s when things get interesting so over the next couple of posts I’m going to condense it a little save boring you with the PG stuff and skip forward a little so its a bit more Cert 18. you see over the last few days I’ve started to explore a little more with my sexuality and come to realise this Is what I want to tell you all about. I’ll still include some adventures but maybe not as many Innocent ones. Maybe at some point you’ll get to hear about the mass amount of sex toys I just purchased and when I got to use them. Should prove to be a good story for you all. Maybe even a few injuries. Haha!


So guys you wont have to wait much longer and its sure to get more interesting.


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